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Simple Snack Bowls 

Stuck for snack ideas that are low FODMAP & gluten free? Look no further, we have you covered!
There’s nothing worse than experiencing a heavy dose of hunger during an afternoon slump. What’s worse is having no inspiration for how to satisfy yourself with something that isn’t fruit. These delicious snack bowls will hopefully provide some motivation for how to prepare healthy snacks to take to work, or just to have ready in the fridge.
It is important to keep your tastebuds guessing each day, so I find it essential to pack a variety of snacks throughout the working week. Below you will find a quick list that I have put together, of low FODMAP & gluten free foods that I enjoy in conjunction with one another. Refer to the Monash University Low FODMAP Diet App for specific quantities and consult a health professional before cooking and consuming the foods below. These are suggestions only & consumers cook at their own risk. 

If you are tired of raw foods, try roasting a mixture of low FODMAP vegetables as a snack instead!

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Optional Ingredients 
Bean shoots
Boiled eggs
Carrot sticks, chopped with natural peanut butter
Camembert cheese with rocket leaves & smoked salmon
Celery sticks, chopped with natural peanut butter
Cherry tomatoes
Cucumber, diced
Feta Cheese
Green beans
Kale, steamed or raw
Olives, red, pitted
Quinoa, cooked
Red Capsicum, diced
White rice noodles, pre-cooked in boiling water
Zucchini, diced
Happy cooking!
Elle Joy