Accessing a purchased eBook
Customers will receive a unique coded link in a confirmation email that can be used three times. Customers will also be redirected to a ‘Download’ page immediately after payment, which can be used alternatively. Each purchase can be used on any 3 electronic devices of choice. Save the eBook immediately to a central folder on the chosen devices for easy future access.
Download Code Expiry
Customers have 3 months to use their 3 downloads before they expire.
Payments, Shipping & Tax costs
There are no shipping or tax costs as the eBook is a digital product. Listed price is in Australian Dollars (AUD). When purchasing outside of Australia in a currency other than AUD, depending on your bank there will possibly be a small conversion fee applied to the customer’s credit card at checkout.
How to pay for the eBook
We accept payments through our secure online checkout. Payments can be made by credit or debit card (MasterCard or Visa).
Compatible devices
Our eBook is readable on laptops, iPhones, iPads, smart phones, tablets & desktop computers. If there is a fault with your purchased eBook, please email customer service - enquiries.fodmaphealth@gmail.com 
How to view eBook on iPhone
Once the eBook has completely downloaded from the coded link provided, it will open in the phones default browser. Tap anywhere on the screen and the browser will give you an option to ‘OPEN IN…’, select 'Import with iBooks' from the options provided. Once opened in iBooks, the eBook will remain saved within the PDF section where you can open it from here anytime in the future.
How to view eBook on android device
Please note: Android devices vary greatly depending on the manufacturer so there are multiple variations on how to view and save your eBook. Once the eBook is downloaded it will need to be saved locally on the device or by using online storage such as Google Drive.
Once checkout is complete you will be redirected to the ‘Thank you’ page (you can also access this from the confirmation email, sent to you after payment has been processed)
Tap the download link to your android device. Once it is completely downloaded, it will recommend an App to view the eBook. From the provided options, select the App you would like to view the eBook with. Once open in your selected App, ensure it is saved either locally on your device or online storage. The eBook will remain saved in your chosen location, where you can open it from here anytime in the future.

How to transfer eBook from desktop or laptop to iPhone or iPad
Open iTunes and select Books from the dropdown menu. If this option is not there, select edit menu and select the checkbox for Books, then press done. Click and drag the eBook from its folder location into iTunes, to add it to the Books section. Plug in your iPhone or iPad and select the device icon in iTunes to show the device information. Click Books, then click the ‘Sync Books’ checkbox, click ‘Selected Books’ and click the checkbox to select ‘FODMAP Health Recipe eBook - Collection 1’. Click apply upload the eBook onto your device.

How to save and locate purchased eBook on a Computer

The eBook PDF should automatically save onto the customers computer in the 'Downloads' folder. Once the eBook PDF is located here, save the document in the desired location on the computer for future reference. 

Privacy, Disclaimer & Terms of Use
Please refer to these documents at the footer of each page on our website.